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PhD advertisement -- mosquito chemical ecology

PhD position available in mosquito chemical ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences The last day for receiving applications is 15 April 2016.

 State-dependent regulation of odour-mediated behaviour in mosquitoes

Mosquitoes require a blood meal as a primary source of nutrients for egg development. To acquire blood, a female mosquito must first

locate a host. Some mosquitoes, including the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti, have evolved a strong preference for human hosts

and transmit parasitic and viral diseases that significantly impact human health. The mechanistic basis for the host-seeking behavior

of mosquitoes is largely unknown, but is an area of investigation on which future control strategies may depend. To unravel the mechanistic 

basis for state-dependent odour-mediated behaviour in mosquitoes, we are integrating behavioural, electrophysiological and

chemical analyses with gene expression and functional characterisation of chemosensory proteins.  We seek a PhD student who wants 

to explore a career in molecular neuroethology.  The successful applicant will be funded by The Swedish Research Council for Environment, 

Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. 



A master degree, or similar university higher degree, in molecular biology, with a keen interest in ecology. Knowledge of chemical

ecology, including behavioural and electrophysiology, is highly valued. Experience working as part of a laboratory research project

is preferable. Good knowledge of spoken and written English is required (proof of certification will be necessary).


Forms for funding or employment

Employment as PhD student 4 years 


SLU is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

A person has basic eligibility for third level education if he or she has taken a second level qualification or has completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, including at least 60 higher education credits at second level. Those who met the requirements for general eligibility before July 1st, 2007, i.e. had completed a programme of higher education for at least 180 Higher education credits or the equivalent, will continue to do so until the end of 2015." 


Selection among applicants meeting the requirements is made with reference to written application including curriculum vitae, copies of degrees and transcripts of academic records, one copy of the dissertation for masters or undergraduate degree, a list of at least two references familiar with the applicant's qualifications, certified knowledge of the English language and an interview. Read more about the PhD education in http://www.doktorandhandboken.nu/2.44aba2dc11030072f75800056276.html


Read more about the PhD education in the Handbook for postgraduate students Read about the PhD education at SLU at www.slu.se/en/education/postgraduate-studies/http://www.slu.se/en/education/postgraduate-studies/


Use this APPLICATION FORM http://epi-resurs.slu.se/Forskarutbildningsplatser/Application_PhDeducation_Applicant.pdf


Further information: 

Professor Rickard Ignell, rickard.ignell@slu.se, +46-735-984871 

Sharon Hill sharon.hill@slu.se


 Academic union representatives 

SACO Andrus Kangro +46 (0)40 415 479 

SEKO Linda Thörnström +46 (0)18 67 10 57 

ST  Jörgen Olsson +46 (0)40 415 431 


Applications, marked with ref no 998/2016, must have arrived at the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, S- 750 07 Uppsala or registrator@slu.se no later than 2016-04-15. 

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